Software Engineering

By Samuel H.

A software Engineer's workspace.

First, what is Engineering?

Engineering is a proffession that applies specific science and math to create and improve technology. Engineers exist in almost every major field and often build on the work of others as well as create things from scratch. Engineers work in collaboration with both other engineers and people in other fields in order to solve issues that technology can improve. Different from a scientist, an Engineer does not perform experiments to discover new things; An engineer uses science to creat physical, and digital, solutions.

So what is Software Engineering?

Software engineering is the utilization of code, computer science, mathematics, and engineering to solve problems and create and improve digital properties. Some of the things software engineers create and improve include:

Although software engineers work with code and even code themselves, they usual handle solving problems with code instead of coding itself. Software Engineers also often work with clients directly, finding out a problem and then designing, developing, testing, and refining a software solution. An example of something a Software Engineer could create to solve a problem is a piece of Software a bank would use to organize customer information in a secure fashion.

Why should I be a Software Engineer?

Software Engineers work very hard jobs but they are well rewarded for their work. The national average Salary for a software Engineeris $103,742. Software Engineers and Software Developers are projected to grow 17% in the work force until 2024, much faster than the average career outlook. Software is in huge demand right now as just about every career field now uses software in some fashion. So you are much more likely to find a job as a Software Engineer than something like an Aerospace Engineer. Increase in CyberSecurity threats also has hightened the need for Software Engineers that can help companies protect their important information.
Software Engineers also have large oppurtunities for job advancement as management positions or project leader positions are often given to experienced Software Engineers. Software Engineers can also learn new programming languages to widen the range of their abilities and possibly improve their job aspects and salary in the process.

How do I become a Software Engineer?

Good Software Engineers require certain general skills, such as being analytical, creative, detail-oriented, and good at communicating. Beyond these general skills, a Software Engineer needs at minimum a bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, or a related field; however a master's degree is more attractive to many employers. Although not necessary, experience in the field through an internship is helpful in an up and coming Software Engineer. Software Engineers work along with people and businesses in other fields. Below are some of the most common fields Software engineers work in and with:
Field | Percentage Employed
Computer System Design | 33%
Software Publishers | 8%
Finance and Insurance | 8%
Electronic Manufacturing | 8%
Management | 4%

Software Engineers are working in every field, so Software Engineers should also be knowledgable in whatever field they are working with. For example, a Software Engineer working for a bank should be knowledgable in finance.

Good Schools For Software Engineering

  • Drexel University: College of Computing and Informatics: Software Engineering

  • Carnegie Melon University: Software Engineering Institute

  • University of Maryland: Computer Science: Software Engineering

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    Last Updated September 26, 2017