A Career in Ocean Engineering

Presented by: Joseph B. at Wilde Lake High School

What is Ocean Engineering?

A mix of civil, mechanical, and electrical engineering.Off shore oil recovery,costal construction and tons of things there are so many jobs.Ocean engineering has helped a lot from keeping our water safe to helping us travel.

Why Should I be an Ocean Engineer?

To help and if you like it you would be doing something you love. When you accoplish something at work you know it has helped, YOU HAVE HELPED.

What College Should I Attend?


The United States Naval Academy,University of New Hampshire, Florida Institute of Technology

Link to Ocean Engineering Department at a Good School

What Courses Will I have to Take?

A course for oceanography and three other core courses. Students also have to take an aditional 12 corses to complete. .

Link to List of Required Courses at Ocean Engineering Department at a Good School

What Courses do they Recommend I take in High School?

Make sure you undertand what the ocean can provide.A computer engineering, math,engineering and design, technology. .

Link to List of Recommended High School Courses and you can search colleges.

How Much Money Will I Make?

My First Year $63,225

At the top you could make $118,597 plus

What are the Working Conditions?

Travel and some may work in uncomfortable and even sometimes dangerous enviornments.There are jobs all over the place even in Maryland.

What Good Can I do for Humanity?

You can help recover oil aand fix dams and help the people stay healthy .



Last updated on 29 September 2010