The Career of Mechanical Engineering

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What is Mechanical Engineering?

Mechanical engineers designs, develops , builds, and tests

mechanical and thermal sensors and

devices including tools, engines, and machines.

What Do You Have To Do To Become One?

1. Obtain a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering: Bachelor degree coursework includes intermediate and advanced

mathematics, life and physical sciences, engineering and design.

2.Earn an engineering license: All mechanical engineers that offer services directly to the general public must hold a state license.

What Do You Have To Do

Why Would You Want To Be An Engineer?

It's the discipline that applies the principles of engineering,

physics, and materials science for the design, analysis, manufacturing, and maintenance of mechanical systems.


Where Do Mechanical Engineers Work?

Mechanical engineers work all around over the world. It's one of the rare

professions where you can work anywhere.


How Much Do Mechanical Engineers Earn A Year?

The median annual Mechanical Engineer salary is $65,140 , as of September 06,2017, with a range usually between

$60,544-$70,606,however this can vary widely.

Annual Wage

Why is Safety Important To Mechanical Engineering?

Safety has o be priority while designing new vehicles. We wouldn't have things likes engines,generators,

elevators or even air conditionin.

Top #3 School For Mechanical Engineering

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Cambridge,MA

2. Stanford University - Stanford,CA

3.University Of California - Berkeley Berkeley,CA



Last Update: 25 September 2017