A World with Rocks: Geological Engineering

Designed by: Collin G

The Purpose of Geological Engineering:

Geological engineering builds a strong foundation for maority of what we do today. From investigating multipe uses of gems to stablize building structures to organizing environmental pollution cotrol, Geological engineeers are some of Earth's protectors.

Description of Geological Engineeering:

Geological Engineers apply their knowledge of the earth's structre to form sitings, contruction, and maintnence. Geological engineering involves geology, civil engineering, and fields such as mining, forestry and geography. These engineers apply earth sciences to human problems. Specialty areas include geotechnical site studies of rock and soil slope stability for projects; environmental studies and planning for construction sites; groundwater studies; hazard investigations; and finding fossil fuel and mineral deposits.

Schools for Future Geological Engineeers:

  1. The University of Rochester
  2. Colorado School of Mines
  3. Columbia University

Is Geological Engieering Worth It? OF COURSE!

Most people wouldn't expect much from geologcal egineers simply because they don't understand their jobs.The pay that you recieve is more than most other engineeers with a $93,720 Median pay Per Year and it only requires a bachelor's degree. Due to the increasing rates of both environmental pollution and global warming, Geological Engineers are needed now more than ever.