The Insides Of Environmental Engineering

Made by: Romeil J.

What exactly is Environmental Engineering?

Environmental Engineering is the branch of engineering that is concerened with the application of scientific and engineering principles for the protection of the human population and various environments from adverse factors and deletirious effects of natural and human activities. The goal of Environmental Engineering is to improve and preserve human and environmental quality.

What Jobs Would an Environmental Engineer typically do?

Being an advocate for the Environment, one must deal with things like energy preservation, control of waste, along with finding solutions in the field of public health. Some specific Jobs that an Engineer might have include...

The average Environmental Engineer get an Hourly Wage of $40, and a Yearly Salary of $84,000

Courses needed to become an Envirnomental Engineer

To become an Environmemntal Engineer, a studnet should take the High School courses Chemistry, Biology, Physics, and Maths: Algebra, Trigonometry & Calculus

Ranked Top Schools for Environmental Engineering

    The University of California, Berkely
    The University of Illinois,Urbana-Champaign
    Stanford University