Computer Hardware Engineering

Brought to you by: Robert C.

What is Computer Hardware Engineer?

A computer hardware engineering manufacacure ,installs, and test computer systems and ect.These engineers discover new direction in computer hardware.

Where do they work?

They usually work in high tech manufacturing firms or in research laboratories.

Why Should I be an Computer Hardware Engineer?

You to create the newest/fastest technology out,also test the best products out to improve it.They also research,develop,and test computers.

What college degree is required?

Computer hardware engineering requires a Bachelor's degree in computer engineering and or electrical engineer but credited with ABET.

Whats the Salary?

According to Bureau of Labor Statistics the salary is $115,080 per year $55.33 per hour

What is the best school for this engineering?

  • University of California-San Diego
  • Illinois Institute of Technology
  • University of Washington