What do you know of civil engineering ?

Civil engineer

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What is Civil Engineering?

Civil Engineer design, build, operate construction project systems in in the public or private area. They have constructed airports, buldings and much more. One of the most important thing they do is help and design a system to manage human water.

What do I have to do to become one?

To become a Civil Engineer you have to go to good schools and get the best eudcation you can get. Two great schools for civil Engineering are University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in IL because it is ranked the second in the U.S News & Worlds Reports's 2015 list of best Civil Engineering graduate programs. The other Civil Engineering school is Purdue University in West Lafayette in IN because that is ranked the six best school in the U.S News & Worlds Reports's 2015 list. In Purdue University and in University of Illinois awards master's degrees in CilvilEngineering.

Why do I want to be an Engineer?

I want to be a Civil engineer so I can help people. A Civil Engineer is an important job because they make roads for your transportation and bulding, and the most important than all is clean they clean your water something that everybody needs to live. A Civil Engineer helps your daily life to get to places and get drink clean water.

Tops schools for Civil Engineer

University of Illinois


Purdue University