Civil Engineering

A Job in Civil Engineering


What is Civil Engineering?

Civil Engineers design,build,supervise,operate,and maintain roads,buildings,airports,tunnels,dams, bridges,and water and sewage treatment.

How do you become a Civil Engineer?

If you want to become a civil engineer you need to go to college and study Civil engineering for four years to get your bachelor's degree.

Why are people engineers?

People love building things and getting paid good. Civil Engineer's average pay wage is 83,540 dollars a year. Hourly they make $40.16. That's pretty good and if you run your own engineering business you can make a lot more.

Where do Civil Engineers work?

Most Civil Engineers work out on sites where things are being built and some have office jobs but not a lot.

Why do we need civil engineers?

We need them to keep all the airports,roads,bridges,and dams up and running and safe to travel on.

What's so important about engineering?

They know how to build stuff that we don't and the maintain our water and sewer treatment.

Good Colleges for Civil Engineering!

  1. Widener University
  2. Drexel University
  3. Virginia Tech

What Civil Engineers have built in the past.


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