A Job In Biomedical Engeneering

by : Noa V.


Biomedical engeneering is the application of engineering principles and design concepts to medicine and biology for healthcare purposes .

What do i have to do to become one ?

in order to become a biomedical engeneer you will have to :

  • Spend 40 hours a week at hospitals , universities or research laboratories.
  • Complete a Bachelors degree program.
  • Consider volunteer work or an internship .
  • Obtain a Fundamentals Of Engineering license .
  • Obtain a Principles And Pratice Of Engineering license.
  • Why would i want to become a biomedical engeneer ?

    You can apply principles and skills from the physical and engeneering science to the medical science . Biomedical engeneering allows you to cover a wider range of subjects. You might want to become a biomedical engeneer to help people like making fake limbs so they can still have the life they wanted .

    Top Schools For Biomedical Engineering

  • Johns Hopkins University (Whiting) Baltimore,Md
  • Massachustetts Institute of Technology Cambridge,Ma
  • \
  • Georia Institute of Technology Atlanta,Ga