Aerospace Engineering!

Aerospace engineering

there are a lot of career fields in aviation. the job i want to cover is aircraft structural engineering.they design, develope and test aircraft. whether its fixing parts or replacing bolts the part are always inspected and tested to make sure its flight ready to ensure the safety of the passengers.

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To get into the field your are required to have a bachelors degree in any of the related felids and often requires 4 or more years of experints.its a great opportunity and the hands on experience is great. moving up in this career field engineers become managers and tend to other business matters, meetings and emails.

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Making money while helping out. specifically in Maryland the average salary of an aircraft structural engineers salary is $74,078 a year. in general the can get paid as low as 60,000 dollars a year and up to 120,00 dollars a year. we are important! our job creates a safe enviroment and equipment to ensure passengers and pilots are safe. air travel is an essential part of transportation and some people's lives.

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