What do Mechancial Engineers do?

Mechanical Engineering is one of the broadest fields out there.They research,design,develop build and test Mechanical and thermal devices.Such as power producing machines.Such as electric geneators,internal combustion engines and steam/gas turbines.

Where do they work?

In offices working with other engineers.

How much do they make?

The bottom ten percent make about $52,030 or less. While on average mechanical engineers make $84,190. The top ten percnt make 121,530 or more

How do they help humanity?

They help humanity by designing, making, or improving ou machinery. This makes lif much easier, they make it easier to go places with cars and povide us electricity with generators.

What good colleges have mechanical engineering

Clemson University, Washington State University, Syracuse University.

What classes would you need to take in high school?

You need to take Chemistry, Physics, and Trigonomitry. Classes above this will also help.

Links https://www.bls.gov/ooh/architecture-and-engineering/mechanical-engineers.htm http://tryengineering.org/become-an-engineer/mechanical-engineering https://mme.wsu.edu/ https://www.clemson.edu/cecas/departments/me/ http://eng-cs.syr.edu/our-departments/mechanical-and-aerospace-engineering/