A Career in aerospace Engineering

Presented by: Keon W. at Wilde Lake High School

What is Aerospace Engineering?

Aeropsace engineers evaluate designs to see if and that the products meet the engineering principles. They design primary aircraft, spacecraft, satellites and missiles. In addition, they test out the prototypes to make sure that they function according to the design.

Why Should I be an Aerospace Engineer?

If you are interested in spacecrafts, satellites, and missiles then you'll be interested in aerospace engineering. You'll be working with space prototypes and other really interesting tools.

What College Should I Attend?

One great college to attend in is Saint Louis University. They have cutting edge reserch and hands on learning.

Link to Aerospce Engineering Department at a Good School

What Courses Will I have to Take?

Taking aerospace or aeronautics is the best choices if you'll looking at being a aerospace engineer. These classes mainly focus on airplaines and deals with space flight.

Link to List of Required Courses at Aerospce Engineering Department at a Good School

What Courses do they Recommend I take in High School?

You should recommend taking aerospce or aeronautics. These two are most helpful.

Link to List of Recommended High School Courses for Aerospace Engineering at a Good School

How Much Money Will I Make?

My First year i should make around $67,850 - 158,700.

At the top i should make around $115,780 per year.

What are the Working Conditions?

The working conditions can vary between an office to testing out prototpyes. Protopyes like aircraft and weapon systems that are unveiled for the first time.

What Good Can I do for Humanity?

Getting involved with space and finding out what's out in the universe. There can be many places that can help our planet earth like materials and newlife forms.



Last updated on 29 September 2010