Biomedical Engineering

By:Kaitlyn V.

Biomedical Engineering is...

The application of engineering principles to the field of biology and heath care. Engineers use their knowledge of math, science, biology and medicine to design helpful products and services for the healthcare industry

Working Conditions

Biomedical Engineerers don't all work at the same place. Some may work at research institutes at universities, public hospitals, veterinary clinics and research institutes or private businesses that provide biomedical products. They usually work normal business hours, but may work long hours on projects or after hours if they work for a hospital and may travel overseas for research and conferences.

Annual Salaries

Courses to Take in High School

To Become a Biomedical Engineer?

Before becoming a biomedical engineer, ou must obtain a Bachelor of Engineering in a relevant discipline such as electronic enginering or mechanical enginering and applied science subjects.

Colleges to Attend

  • Indiana Wesleyan University
  • Excelsior College
  • University of Pennsylvania
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