A Career in Architecture!

By: Bettina S.

What is Architectural Engineering?

They plan and design buildings. It is the application of engineering principles and technology in order to create buildings designing and constructing them.

Why be an architect?

It offers unique opportunities because they get to design new and dynamic spaces. There's a lot of creativity involved and they get to see this creativity preseneted as a final product in front of them. You can forget about boredom in college, it's quite exciting always. They become experts at stress managaement since they will always be able to do what they love.

How do architects help humanity?

They provide shelters for people to live in and make buildings for people to work in. Buildings are a part of culture and lifestyle. Architects provide a home for memories and experiences to be shared in.

High School Courses Required for Architecture:

Prealgebra, advanced algebra








Engineering Fundamentals

Best Colleges

Farmingdale State College

Texas A & M University-College Station

University of Minnesota-Twin Cities


The median annual wage for architects with a Bachelor's degree is $76,930 in May 2016.

Working Conditions

They work in offices (home offices are also an option). They also hvae to visit contruction sites.

Courses Required for Architecture:


Structural Design

Patterns of Architecture

Strcutural Design

Fluid Mechanics


Electrical Circuits

Construction management

Technical Writing


Occupational Outlook Handbook


Best Architectural Colleges

Last updated on 26 September 2017