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Engineering Challenge Dates

MEC BridgeSaturday, February 3, 2018.
Cargo AirplaneSunday, March 4, 2018.
IEEE Robot ChallengeSun, April 15, 2018.


Safety Website

Howard County Safety Rules

Safety Contract

Principles of Engineering (POE)

Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM)

Engineering Design

Resource Files

Two Cent Tower

For a blank Informational Report    for a blank Maryland Engineering Challenges High School Report

Use Grade Calculator to figure out your final grade from the marking period, mid-term, and final exam grades.

Suggestions from Mr. Wiedorn's advisory on what to do when the teacher says "Study"

Legacy Activities and Other Courses   Where to buy a real Engineer's Notebook.

Career Exploration

Types of Engineering web pages

Some links from Ms. Jarrett: An online career exploration adventure
Jobs in the Federal Government for Students   US Government Jobs Recruitment
US Department of Energy   SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory

To explore careers go to Occupational Outlook Handbook and Dictionary of Occupational Titles
To find an opening go to


Another good site. And Another

Check out the Maryland Engineering Challenges and the Johns Hopkins Robot Challenge

Visit the Technology and Engineering Educators Association of Maryland and the Baltimore Museum of Industry and ITEEA.

Visit this site for definitions of units of measurement and unit conversion.   HP-15C Calculator    about the HP-15C

Cargo Airplane LTD   Cargo Ship   A Sample Cargo Ship Report

"Blueprint" Reading    On-Line Simulations    Khan Academy    College Atlas    Ford Plant in Brasil    Binding Energy per Nucleon and other interesting nuclear stuff. Westinghouse AP1000   Reaction Engines

The Gates Millennium Scholars Program funded by a grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Roadable Aircraft

AeroMobil X-Hawk Volante Terrafugia
Sampson Motors Almost a roadable aircraft Burt Rutan Lilium.

PLTW Brochure

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