Howard County General Safety Practices

The use of the Technology Lab is a privilege. Therefore, the following safety practices must be followed at all times.

  1. Follow all directions first time given.
  2. Be courteous in language and actions.
  3. Be on time and prepared to participate.
  4. Respect other people and their property.
  5. Eye protection must be worn while students are processing materials.
  6. Running and playing is not allowed in the Technology Lab.
  7. Throwing any object in the Technology Lab is not allowed.
  8. Students will only be able to use tools and machines while the Technology Teacher is in the Lab.
  9. Students should wear clothing that protects their arms, legs, and feet from injury.
  10. Students must pass all tool and machine tests with 100% accuracy before they are allowed to use them.
  11. Keep the floor and working surfaces clean and dry at all times.
  12. Hair that presents a safety hazard must be tied back.
  13. Respect all tools and machines.
  14. When in doubt, ask your teacher.
  15. Report any incident to the Teacher.