Heavy Pack–a–AC Load

You have been asked to investigate wing designs for airplanes. The goal is to fly an airplane with the most heavily loaded wing possible. You will be expected to design the wing and test it on a fuselage of stock design. For your wing you must decide on the type of wing, the span, chord, planform shape, and lastly the airfoil shape.

Wing loading (WL) will be based on the lift per square inch of wing area

WL = L / S



To complete the requirements of this challenge you must:

  1. Define the Problem

  2. Generate Concepts

  3. Develop a Solution

  4. Construct and Test a Prototype

    • Construct a standard fuselage and tail for the model airplane
    • Attach the specified motor and propeller, and the landing gear.
    • Construct your wing based on your design.
    • Assemble the model airplane so that it can fly around the power pole.
    • Add cargo for maximum wing loading.
  5. Evaluate the Solution

  6. Present Solution

    Document your solution in your engineer's notebook. Submit your sketches and calculations for evaluation.


The evaluation of the task will be based on the following:


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