The LEGO® Joust

Jousting is a medieval sport that is undergoing a modern renaissance. There are jousting tournaments held around the country and the world where groups such as the Knights of Mayhem, Knights of Valour and the Lords of Chivalry compete. There is even a national championship for the USA and another for Canada. In modern jousting, men and women compete together on an equal basis. Recently a documentary about jousting was produced and the History Channel produced a reality TV show called "Full Metal Jousting". And, of course, the Hollywood film A Knight's Tale featured jousting.

Besides, as Amanda says, "jousting is an awesome sport". Are you ready to joust?

Competitors will joust in the Geminedeutsche-Gestech style. This is jousting with wooden targes (the 48 toothed LEGO® gear) and frog-mouthed helms, passing left shoulder unto left shoulder, crossing the lance (a #2 Pencil) over the horse's (robot's) neck and attempting to strike the other knight's targe. This is the traditional German joust (shown in this photo).

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To meet the requirements of this challenge your team of up to three students must:


Touching Opponent's Jouster with Tip of Lance1 point
Striking Target with Tip of Lance3 points
Striking Target and Activating Touch Sensor5 points
Tip to Tip Strike3 points to each Jouster
Shield to Shield Strike3 points to each Jouster
Striking wheels or below top of wheels-2 points (penalty)
Leaving the list (off of line) or moving away to avoid contact-2 points (2 points to opponent)

Criteria and Constraints

The LEGO® Jouster must comply with the following criteria and constraints:

ConstructionA LEGO Jouster Ready to Joust — Lances UP!

The ListThe List. Note the shoe in the forground for perspective

The tiltyard consists of a suitable light colored surface (like a table-top). The list has an 8 foot centerline that is an 1 7/8 inch wide black line (or black duct tape). The start lines are green lines (again, may be tape) running perpendicular to the center line and they are 6 feet apart.

Conduct of Each Joust

The Tournament


Robot Construction (10 Points)Lance Holder

Minimum for Satisfactory performance is 6

Programming Check (10 points)

Minimum for Satisfactory performance is 6

Performance (20 Points)

Minimum for Satisfactory performance is 12

21 points minus your standing (not less than 12 points if you compete in a least one joust)

Video or Oral Report (10 points)

Minimum for Satisfactory performance is 6

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