I recently had the opportunity to dress like Indiana Jones (here is the story). If you would like to dress like Indiana Jones too, you can find out what to get and where to get it at The Indiana Jones Equipment Resource. This absolutely fabulous site will be your definitive reference. Be sure and visit the vendors page to find out where to get the authentic equipment. Here is what I have obtained so far:
The Hat. I bought the Indiana Jones Hat from Hats in the Belfry. Best I could do on short notice. $ 52.99
The Jacket, Shirt, Pants, Belt combo from Wested Leather, the company led by Peter Botwright. In 1980 he was commissioned to design & make Harrison Ford's 'Indiana Jones' jacket for Raiders of the Lost Ark. $426.46
12 Foot Mexican whip from Outback Leather in Laurel Maryland for $27. Not very authentic, but I bought a proper fall and some crackers for this whip ($25.96) and added a lanyard.$ 52.96
I made my own Holster, Gun Belt, Shoulder Strap, and Whip Holder with Material bought at Tandy Leather. $ 80
Toy Handgun—it even says "Indiana Jones" on the frame. I also used a toy satchel (with the strap I made) for OTAKON as my authentic one hadn't arrived yet.$  7.07
Black four-in-hand tie. I had one from my navy days.$  0.00
The British Mark VII Satchel from Magnolia Clothiers. Does not include shoulder strap.$ 36
Sub-Total $655.48
A prop. The Holy Grail Chalice. Commissioned from Annapolis Pottery.$ 42.50
Whips and Whipmaking by David W. Morgan.$ 19.95
Thanks Aunt Cathy
Bull whip. Todd's Costumes 8' whip. This whip looks authentic and is a good whip to start learning on. Thanks Santa Mom
Raiders of the Lost Ark DVD. I bought this for myself after it was on the Christmas list but didn't show up under the tree. $ 11.49
The second best shoe is the Coyle's Outdoorsman Shoe from Todd Costumes. These real boots are made to look like the original for a reasonable price. Preordered from Todd Costumes for delivery by 18 May 2012. Well, maybe 5 June. Well, maybe 14 June. I guess I won't be wearing them to Italy. They are on the Hanjin Lisbon steaming across the Pacific. O.K. now the ship is in Los Angeles. Back from 2 weddings in Washington state and I have finally connected with my boots. Wore them to OTAKON, but they are too big (at 9½) and are sent back for a smaller size (8½) since the web site says to order half size under. Got the new ones, they fit OK. I'll wear them on an occasional Friday to test them out. Did "the day of wrong" and to school for Halloween; they fit fine. $163.24
Some SafeSound Personal Speakers to play the Indiana Jones Theme through. But they aren't loud enough to hear over the background noise at OTAKON.$ 24.95
A Ben Nye Scar Effects Gel. Maybe this will give me a scar that will stay on. Got it for Christmas (thanks to our actor relatives John and Camille Mazurek) as part of the whole Scar Effects Kit. $ 19
The Lost Journal of Indiana Jones to provide a little background on the character. Author is listed as Henry Jones, but I suspect that Indy Magnoli had some involvement. $ 16.50
Eyeglasses. Dr. Henry Walton "Indiana" Jones, Jr., wears Berkshire Chase Savile Row Beaufort Panto glasses in The Last Crusade, and also in Temple of Doom. The original glasses frames were made in London, England by Algha Group and are distributed by Berkshire Chase. They are the Savile Row 14Kt BEAUFORT PANTO with Chestnut rims and ½ covered comfort cable. Indy wears his eyeglasses with his leather jacket outfit on the Zeppelin Hindenburg.
The unused frame allowance on my insurance, and a healthy discount as the second pair, (Frames $295.96 vice $500) made these almost affordable.
If you see these frames advertised online for a significantly lower price you are probably looking at the English Beaufort 2 model, similar but without the rolled gold.
Making Nylon Whips by Shannon Reilly. This book is useful to learn how to braid in case I ever want to make my own bullwhip. $ 12.95
The Complete Making of Indiana Jones: The Definitive Story Behind All Four Films. by J.W. Rinzler. A Christmas gift for 2013. Thanks Arras
$ 35.00
Bear Leather Dressing to use on the bullwhip. An unexpected but very welcome Christmas gift in 2013.Thanks Santa
$  7.49
Pan Am ticket, disclaimer, and envelope for Henry Jones, Jr. to travel from New York to Venice, Italy via Newfoundland. Downloaded from Brian Babich Photography.Free Download
When Marion is having a drinking contest in the Ravenswood bar, the shot glasses are Federal Shot Glasses. $6.50 from Janet's Collectables on ebay, plus $3.77 shipping. $ 10.27
Work Gloves. I found these in the basement. Turns out that I have been using them for a while.
Well, not quite. The costume department made the gloves using Wells Lamont as a model. I bought a pair of Wells Lamont 1130M from Walmart. $16.63 with free shipping! Now I have to work on dirtying them up.
$ 16.63
Spent an evening training session at Center Ring Circus School where Gregory May taugh me how to crack a whip, using his 6 foot whips and then my 8 foot whip. We started with the circle crack (which I was not very good at) then the circus crack. Next was the back crack. I tried a double crack, but too hard with two different length whips. I was best at the circus crack. Next thing to do is learn to knock off hats with the circle crack and cut with the circus crack. Well worth the money.$ 20.00
Elsa's Lucky Charm cigarette lighter. This is the lighter used to light Indy and Elsa's way through the catacombs and then dad lights the castle on fire with it. Received as a 29th wedding anniversary present.Thanks Cush
$ 31.95
A drink Doctor Jones? For the whiskey (Belle of Lincoln made by Jack Daniels of Lynchburg TN) bottle used by Indy in the SOC (Streets of Cairo) I picked up an empty wine bottle at the Bargetto Winery in Soquel California while visiting my friends Dana and Lynn in the Summer of 2014. I added this label. The cork is from the Harvest Moon Estate & Winery in the Russian River area of California, which I visited with my nephew Gerald. $ Free
The Canadian Cigar Company was kind enough to provide me with a Por Larranaga Cigar Box similar to the one that Marion kept her money in at the Raven saloon. Thank you Mr. Fraser.$Comple-
Headpiece of the Staff of Ra Cufflinks from Indy Magnoli.Thanks Mom
$ 45
The pocket knife from Raiders of the Lost Ark. Supposedly Harrison Ford's personal knife. Looks like it is a Diefenthal Solingen Stag Handle locking knife.Thank you Darling
$ 75
I printed a headpiece to the staff of Ra, with the MakerBot Replicator Mini that my son bought me for Christmas$ ?
I've ordered some business cards from vistaprint with the web adress of this site on them. Maybe I can hand them out next time I go to Otakon.$ 20.66
Total $1,737.69

and here is what we have so far

But which one is me?


 Here is what's on the wish list:

The Handgun from The Last Crusade is the Webley Green with its distinctive "bird's head" grip. A rubber Webley suitable for OTAKON is $70. A replica Webley Green is $80. In either case I'll have to buy a longer holster for another $30 or I can make one. $70–120
The handgun from Raiders of the Lost Ark is the Smith and Wesson Model 1917 (.45 Hand Ejector Model of 1917) with a 4 inch barrel. Todds Costumes has just come out with a Plug Firing Cap (PFC) replica. Smith and Wesson is once again making the Model 22, Model of 1917. I was told you can get one for less than $500 but the MSRP is $999. $250–$999
One way to make a Indiana Jones revolver is to take a HFC HG-131 airsoft gun and modify it. $44.95–$50
A grail diary. I'll put other useful stuff in it, or I can make my own.
Grail Diary Search.
$ 90
Abner Ravenwood's Journal.To make my own I started with a 5½ x 8 inch Green Military Logbook (NSN 7530-00-222-3521) from the Book Factory. Next I bought the Abner Ravenwood Journal Kit from Bryan Babich Photography.$ 7.75
A drink Doctor Jones? The tumblers used in the SOC (Streets of Cairo) bar scene are Duralex Universal Flanged Tumblers. I already have made a prop for the whiskey bottle that uses this label. $?
 Miscellaneous other stuff:Brush, auxilliary weapon, backpack (German Army Alpine or Mountain Rucksack) from KOCS. For some more ideas, visit Indy Magnoli's prop page. $?
 Some unnecessary upgrades:
Pecard Leather Dressing to use on the bullwhip. I got some Bear leather dressing for Christmas 2013 making this brand unnecessary. $  8
The Barnett College Suit ($595+$150) and the Professor's bow tie ($45)$640–780
The Hat. There are several options. AdventureBilt made the hats for The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and will hand make a pure beaver felt hat for $650 or a pure rabbit fedora for $300. They have a factory made hat called the Henry for around $300. Penman hats makes a variety of models from all the movies. Prices vary from $275 to $650.
Another option is Steele–Jones which makes fedoras as well as other accessories.
The authentic shoes. The Brown Indy Boot from the Alden Shop.$512
Bull whip. A standard 10 foot whip, such as that from Northern Whip Co. is $600. Classic Bullwhips. $440.
Del Carpio Whips makes faithful reproductions to order—the "Last Crusade" style whip is $560 (plus $40 postage) for a 9 foot whip.
The authentic David Morgan 10-foot Indiana Jones Bullwhip Model 455 is $955.

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Some Reference Pictures

Holster Pattern for Smith and Wesson

Download this file and double the size

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The Story

My daughter, Arras Marie, has been going to OTAKON, a convention in Baltimore, for many years. It is quite an event for the anime generation, with thousands of people, many of them costumed, attending panels, viewing movies, and shopping for anime art and products.

Ever since she has been attending OTAKON, I've been recruited to drive her there and back. Even after she got her license, it has been easier for me to drive than for her to try and park. Outside the convention center each year I have seen the hundreds or thousands cosplayers (costumed guests) coming and going every day. Here are some pictures that you can look at to get some idea what I am talking about.

That (and listening to Arras tell stories of the con) made me curious to see what is going on inside. And for several years Arras had been encouraging me to do just that. I had also been trying to think of the best way to dress if I did go. Finally this year, my wife said, "why don't you go as Indiana Jones?"

What a great Idea! Age appropriate and not at all "creepy."

I'm sure my wife thought I would grab my son's leather flying jacket, put on some Khakis and go. But my son has graduated from college and moved out, and taken his leather jacket with him.

So I found the Indy Gear Resource on-line. That led me to Wested Leather (who made the jacket for at least one of the movies). But they also sell a jacket/pants/belt combo. So next I know I have a package on the way from England. Then I bought a hat from Hats in the Belfry. I got an inexpensive, but not very accurate whip from Outback Leather in Laurel. Then I went to Tandy leather and bought supplies and made a belt, strap for bag, and holster. I couldn't get an authentic MK. VII gas mask bag soon enough, so I bought a toy bag from Amazon.com, along with an Indiana toy gun.

The result was very authentic attire. As I walked up to the line to get into the Con, people called out "Indiana Jones!" At first I thought that they were mocking me. Then I realized that what you do at the Con is—if you recognize a costume—you call out the name of the character. Over the next three days I got used to waiving or saying hello to everyone who called out "Indiana Jones". One conventioneer even asked me "are you a teacher?" (I am, in fact), it took me a second to realize that the correct answer was "part time."

I also had my picture taken 50 or a 100 times. People are very polite about it. The custom (and rule) is that you have to ask first before taking any pictures.

Since then I have commissioned a holy grail and purchased an authentic MKVII gas mask bag replica from Indy Magnoli in Australia. I got a better whip for Christmas and have finally gotten by boots from Todd Costumes.

Can't wait for next year.

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