Heroes of Technology

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Some technologists (e.g. Thomas Edison) are inventors, creating new products. Other technologists (e.g. James Watt) improve on existing products. Other technologists are effective marketers (e.g. George Eastman), bringing products to the people and changing society. All of them are "heroes of technology."

In this activity you will pick a hero of technology and create a web page to honor them. Your web page should resemble a hall of fame plaque.


To complete the requirements of this challenge you must:

  1. Define the Problem

  2. Generate Concepts

  3. Develop a Solution

  4. Construct and Test a Prototype

    • Create a web page using this template as a start.
  5. Evaluate the Solution

  6. Present Solution

    • Document your solution in your engineer's notebook.
    • Copy your web page to the hand-in folder.


The evaluation of the task will be based on the following:


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