Building a Test Tank

Here is a design for a test tank from the Young America racing syndicate.

Suggested Materials


  1. Don safety glasses
  2. Measure and cut the sides, bottom, ends, and supports from the plywood, using the diagram for reference.
  3. Join end to end the 8-ft lengths to the 4-ft lengths of plywood, using plywood scabs that measure 6 x 12 inches for the sides (F) and 6 x 24 inches for the bottom (G).
  4. Caulk the edges of each piece and screw them together to assemble the tank.
  5. Add corner gussets (H) measuring 6 inches per side to the upper for corners of the tank.
  6. Add the three bottom supports (I).
  7. Add a support platform for the fan. Use one 24-inch square piece of plywood. Support it with two 42-inch cantilever beams.
  8. Caulk the seams of the tank. Let it stand over night.
  9. Apply several coats of paint to the inside of the tank.
  10. Place the tank on a level surface that is strong enough to support the weight of the tank when it is filled with water. Some tanks are supported on 4 saw horses.
  11. Fill the tank with water, rest the fan on its support 10 inches from the tank edge.

Caution: Take the necessary precautions when the tank is in use.

diagram of test tank


Young America: Hands-On Activities. PACT 95. Scott Forseman:Glenville, Illinois. 1996


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