Electric Powered Cargo Airplane Challenge

The goal of the Cargo Airplane Challenge is to design and construct an electrically-powered model aircraft to fly a tethered flight of at least one lap without cargo, followed by a second tethered flight of one lap carrying as much cargo as possible. The design is limited only by the specified motor and power supply, and the maximum dimensions of 3 feet.


To meet the requirements of this challenge your team should:

  1. Define the Problem
  2. Generate Concepts
  3. Develop a Solution—You need to choose:
  4. Construct and Test a Prototype
  5. Evaluate the Solution
  6. Present Solution


This challenge involves four main components: the design and construction of the project, a written report, an oral report, and the performance demonstration.


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The Maryland Engineering Challenge is Sunday 8 March 2018 (report due TBD).

The Judges Have Full Authority to Interpret the Letter and Spirit of the Rules.

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