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What is it?

Immunology is the branch of medical science that studies the immune systems of organisms. It also creates vaccines for diseases that harm the immune system. there are numerous types of immunology like clinical immunology which does live tests and classical immunology which is the study how to improve immune systems of organisms system.

How does it work?

The immune system of the body can be divided into two categories Innate and Adaptive.

Innate Immune system-It is the part of the immune system that will always be there.Since your adaptive immune system may take days or weeks to help out your body your innate imune system is needed.The first line of defense for your body are the physical and chemical barriers. The physical barriers include your skin, and the mucus in your throat. Also protecting your body from harm are anti-microbial molecules also known as lysozymes.The chemical barriers include the gastric acid in your stomach.The second line defense are the phagocytic cells that search out foreign substances and engulf them

Adaptive Immunne system- This is the part of the immune system that adapts to the pathogen, an infectious agent, and specifically targets it. In the adaptive immune system your body takes the time to analyze the threat then produces antibodies to counter it. The adaptive immune system is based on Leukocytes, white blood cells, that are made in your stem cells that are in your bone marrow.

Immunology helps protect people from diseases. A vaccination is when scientists make a less vulnerable disease and deliberately infect a person to keep them immune from other diseases.

Types of vaccines

What does it do?

Immunology protects you from unwanted germs or other foreign objects. Its also protects you from allergies such as pollen. Immunolgists study the effects of pathogens that effect the immune system. Immunologists use modern science to create vaccines that protect the body from dangerous diseases. Also immunologists use chemicals to destroy tumors in cancer patients. Immune suppression is used to stop diseases whent the immune system is attacking the body.


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