Solar Speedboat

What could be cooler than tooling around the Chesapeake Bay without polluting or spending money on fuel?

What do you say we design and build a solar powered speedboad?


To meet the requirements of this challenge you must design, construct, and test a prototype that uses a solar panel as the power source. The prototye will be tested by participating in a series of races.

  1. Define the Problem
  2. Generate Concepts
  3. Develop a Solution—sketch the final design in your engineer's notebook. Show it to the teacher for approval. What motor will you use? What propeller? A monohull? Catamaran? Trimaran? How will you hold the solar panel?
  4. Construct and Test a Prototype
  5. Evaluate the Solution—compare your performance to other teams in the class. Decide on ways to improve your device.
  6. Present the Solution—provide a written report in the informational report format or an oral report. Alternatively, produce a 60 second video commercial for your product.




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Last updated on 3 April 2017