POE Truss Bridge

In order to test our truss analysis we will make simple truss bridges in teams of 2.


  1. Design a simple truss, 300mm long and 100mm high.
  2. Analyze the truss. Calculate the predicted tension or compression in each member under a 100 pound load.
  3. Each partner will make one side of a bridge based on this truss (estimated time 1 class period).
  4. Gusset the joints with small pieces of paper.
  5. Joint the two sides together with a "wind truss" to make a bridge (estimated time, 1 class period).
  6. Predict the weight at which the bridge will fail based on a balsawood stick fracturing at 62 pounds of tension or compression.
  7. Load the bridge to failure in the SSA.
  8. Record the force at which the bridge fails




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