Engineering Design


This course provides a concise overview of engineering as a career and is designed for 10th, 11th, or 12th grade students taking honors or G/T math and science courses. Students participate in a series of engineering challenges involving the core technologies of mechanical, structural, fluid, thermal, optics and lasers, electricity and electronics, materials, and/or bio-technology. Each challenge requires the student to research the topic, brainstorm ideas, design and construct a prototype, test the prototype, and communicate results. Students may be asked to participate in the Maryland Engineering Challenges on occasional weekends.

This course meets the Maryland state requirement for basic technology education credit.

Prerequisite: Algebra I/Data Analysis. Recommended Co-requisite: Physics

Units of Study

UnitDescriptionEstimated Time
Unit 0The First Five Days5 days
Unit 1Nature of Technology7 Days
Unit 2Impact of Technology4 Days
Unit 3Engineering Design and Development3 Days
Unit 4Sketching10 days
Unit 5Core Technologies90 Days
Unit 6The Design World45 Days

Course-Wide Resources

Classroom supplies and materials for Engineering Design (web page)

Design Process (png)

Design Process Rubric (xlsx)

In-process Engineers Notebook Review (doc)

Guidelines for Technical Briefing (docx)

Oral Report Rubric.doc (doc)

Informational Report (doc)

Rubric for Informational Reports (doc)