Engineering Design Ballistics


To meet the requirements of this challenge you must design and construct a ballistics device to throw a designated projectile the farthest distance with the most accuracy. The throwing arm for this device is limited to a yardstick. The energy to throw the projectile must come from a falling weight.

  1. Define the Problem—review these rules and write a synopsis in your engineer's notebook. Research the topic using available resources.
  2. Generate Concepts—brainstorm ideas. Sketch possible solutions. Decide on a solution to develop further.
  3. Develop a Solution—sketch the final design in your engineer's notebook. Show it to the teacher for approval.
  4. Construct and Test a Prototype
  5. Evaluate the Solution—compare your performance to other teams in the class. Decide on ways to improve your device.
  6. Present the Solution—provide a written report in the informational report format or an oral report.



Additional Constraints if Time Limited


Punkin Chunkin

Yankee Siege

Floating Arm

A Game

Last updated on 1 June 2017