To do all the steps in the Engineering Design Process over several weeks, months, or years is quite possible for almost anyone. To to all of the steps in the Engineering Design Process (and to fully document them in your engineers notebook) in one class period takes someone like you.

  1. Define the Problem—review these rules and write a synopsis in your engineer's notebook. Research the topic using available resources.
  2. Generate Concepts—brainstorm ideas. Sketch possible solutions. Decide on a solution to develop further.
  3. Develop a Solution—sketch the final design in your engineer's notebook.
  4. Construct and Test a Prototype
  5. Evaluate the Solutioncompare your performance to other teams in the class. Decide on ways to improve your device. Modify and retest.
  6. Present the Solution—provide an oral report to the whole class by the end of the period.



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Last updated on 17 October 2017